Who Am I ? 

  • Educator

  • TV Presenter 

  • Public Speaker 

  • Adventurer 




  • Graduate Diploma Secondary Education 

  • Bachelor of Wildlife Science 

  • Diploma of Applied Science 


Phillip Breslin was born in North Queensland, Australia. Phillip’s childhood and teenage years were spent mostly outdoors roaming the beaches and bush around Cairns and its hinterland with his five brothers.

Phil loves outdoor adventure. He’s also passionate about the wild. Ten years a educator, Phil produces visual adventures to ignite the childlike fascination all people have for nature. He is a biology teacher and wildlife scientist by profession.

A third-generation educator, Phil is an exceptional presenter both on and off the screen. He recently hosted NITV’s The Lost Diamonds 2020, featured in the NINE Network’s Great South East ( and was the host of National Geographic’s international series Wild Survivor (2015).




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lost diamonds
lost diamonds

Lost Diamonds 2020
Lost Diamonds 2020

lost diamonds
lost diamonds